Sultraspot Mineral (Prespotter Excel)



Sultraspot Mineral (Prespotter Excel)  A very versatile product, mainly used for wet side stains.

Pre-wash and post-wash stain remover for removing glue, paint, tar, ballpen ink

For best results, apply SULTRASPOT MINERAL undiluted to the stain before cleaning.

* Gently work in the product with a scrubbing brush (do
not rub!), so that the product has time to work. If may
be necessary to first soften dried-on stains by
kneading the stain by hand.
* Rinse out the stain with a stain-remover gun and
* If the stain is still visible, repeat the procedure – if
necessary, multiple times.
* Blow the stain dry with compressed air and clean the
garment in the cleaning machine with the usual
cleaning program for the garment.
* Because SULTRASPOT MINERAL is a concentrated
product, it is important to take care with sensitive
(bright) colours such as red, blue, brown and green. In
addition, take care with linen fibres as these can very
easily lose colour. In case of doubt, first test on a hem.


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