Ideal Duvet Brite 25Kg



Ideal Duvet Brite 25Kg

Brilliant results on organic soiled articles, such as duvets. A built detergent powder containing comprehensive range of non- ionic surfactants, soil suspending and anti-redesposition agents, buffered alkalis, builders and optical brighteners and low temperature oxygen, colour safe bleach whitening agents.

Fully built detergent suitable for small OPL washing machines.

• High brightener and detergent levels; effective on stained duvets, shirts and flat work.

• Powerfully searches out ingrained soiling and staining.

• High level of built-in oxy destainer for a bright clean finish with a fresh lemon fragrance.

• Can be boosted with Ideal emulsifier for heavy grease or Coloursafe for heavy staining.


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