Sultraspot Tint x 5 Litre

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SULTRASPOT TINT is a solvent-based stain remover used for removing ink stains from garments.

The following stains can be removed with SULTRASPOT TINT: varnish, ink, makeup, lipstick, etc.
SULTRASPOT TINT can be used safely on almost all fabrics.

Use instructions
For best results, apply SULTRASPOT TINT undiluted to the stain before cleaning.
Gently work in the product with a scrubbing brush (do not rub!), so that the product has time to work.
If there is a risk of the ink spreading, first contain the stain with glycerine.
Rinse out the stain with a stain-remover gun and water.

If the stain is still visible, repeat the procedure – if necessary, multiple times.
Blow the stain dry with compressed air and clean the garment in the cleaning machine with the usual cleaning program for the garment.
Important! SULTRASPOT TINT contains Butyl Acetate. Butyl acetate can damage fibres of, e.g., rayon and viscose. Therefore, take special care with, amongst other things, garment linings!

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