Wooden Children’s Hanger 30cm x 100

£74.99 Ex Vat


Our wooden hangers are suitable for all children’s tops, jumpers, coats etc, whilst the arm notches allow the hanging of items with straps or loops, such as dresses.

It also has a strong trouser bar, meaning you don’t need to buy a separate trouser hanger, and you can save space by hanging more than one item on each hanger.

Specialist 30cm FSC wooden children’s hanger designed for kids clothing. Are suitable for new born babies to toddlers, boys and girls clothing.

Being FSC-certified, you can be sure that the wood for this hanger comes from sustainable, well-managed forests.

The world’s forests are a precious resource that are vital for the future of our planet. and FSC is the most recognised and trusted certification for responsible forest management.

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Weight 6 kg


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